Guided by Maasai warriors, walk through the mysterious city of Engaruka and the surrounding scrubland.  Located at the foot of the great rift valley escarpment, Engaruka remains one of Tanzania’s most important historic sites.  Over 500 years ago, a community of farmers developed a unique irrigation and cultivation system channeling water from the rift escarpment into stone canals and terraces.

Although abandoned in the 1700s Engaruka illustrates a once highly specialized and integrated agricultural community which has been investigated by archaeologists’ worldwide.

Tour activities include:

Day walks for bird-watching at the foot and slopes of the rift valley

Historic visits to sites from the German colonial period

A climb of Oldoinyo Lengai, one of the most active volcanic mountain in the World

Take a look into the Maasai culture, the tribe which continue to vividly preserve traditions and norms even in this world of new  orders



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