4 Days Special Cultural Tour to Engaruka

Itinerary Summary  Tour to Engaruka to observe how Tanzania most preserved culture, norms and values are practiced in Maasai community in Engaruka. Engaruka, situated 63 km north of Mto wa Mbu, on the road to Oldoinyo Lengai and Lake Natron, lies at the foot of the Rift Valley escarpment. It is an important historic site as some 500 years ago, a farming community of several thousand people chose to develop an ingenious irrigation and cultivation system here. For unknown reasons, the farmers left Engaruka around 1700, but the ruins talk volumes about the highly specialized agricultural economy. The people...

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Longido Cultural Tourism Program

A cultural tour to Longido will give you the opportunity to experience traditional Maasai culture and interact with Maasai warriors.  Spend a day walking around the extensive plains of Longido Mountain and get some insight into traditional African culture. Tours activities can include: Walking safaris with Maasai warriors over the slopes of Longido Mountain A climb up the impressive Longido Mountain, through dense natural forest A view into the culture and daily life of the Maasai Attend to one of Maasai traditional event like circumcision, traditional dances, etc Sipping tea with Maasai people in a real Maasai Boma Explanation...

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Cultural Tourism in Tanzania

Cultural Tourism in Tanzania, Walking over the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Marangu area. Cultural Tourism in Tanzania package is designed with the tourist in mind. We believe tourists should leave Tanzania with the best possible personal tour experience.  To make sure this is happening, Chelsea tours connect tourists through cultural tourism program with Tanzania local people to observe  and learn Tanzania local traditions, taboos and cultures. Interact with distinctive Tribes and Cultures of Tanzania’s coasts and villages. Behold the stories of mankind’s most aboriginal people and be astounded by some of their long standing morals and rituals. From the Stone Age,...

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Engaruka Cultural Tourism Program

Guided by Maasai warriors, walk through the mysterious city of Engaruka and the surrounding scrubland.  Located at the foot of the great rift valley escarpment, Engaruka remains one of Tanzania’s most important historic sites.  Over 500 years ago, a community of farmers developed a unique irrigation and cultivation system channeling water from the rift escarpment into stone canals and terraces. Although abandoned in the 1700s Engaruka illustrates a once highly specialized and integrated agricultural community which has been investigated by archaeologists’ worldwide. Tour activities include: Day walks for bird-watching at the foot and slopes of the rift valley Historic...

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